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An hourly rate would only be for a specfic  project (ie Remedial Works or a project with time restraints ) it would be usally per sqm price for your in intended tiling project.

Any tile is suitable for shower area, provided a Tanking system is prepared before installation of tiles,it really is the clients preference of which tile type or style that is best required for you project

Its all depends on specfic Tile type & size of the tile ie 1200cmx600cm would have different installation process compared to 30cmx30cm tile

Installation of any Floor tile depends on various different asecpts, is the job in hand a new build or refurbishment?

This really depends on the client perferance ceramic is a cheaper option to Poreclain,
poreclain has various different type ie polished,Lappota etc

Its all depends on specfic tile type required & size ie Disabled bathroom with walk in shower requirments with R-9 minimun requirment for floor or contemperry modern look or even Old Style Georgian look

Yes certain types of porclain tiles can be less slip resistance than other ie polished poreclain

Yes it does for the specfic Project  required, ie 6mm Large Format Poreclain

The cost of  remodelling your bathrooms would depend on a few issues, has your existing batrooms under-layiny problems ie
 – Floor tiles debonding from existing subsrates like timber floor?
 – Is your shower area leaking.

An Antisip Floor Tile is best for swimming pool Deck  with certain rating allocated on specfic tile type

A water repellent drop effect and anti-mould effect with BioBlock technology would be a minimum requirment ie.

Yes on certain areas of the pool an R rating tile will required ie. Pool deck will require minimiun R-11 C

The Specfic tile type chosen by the client ie Agrob Buchtaln & a reconized swimming pool applicator & supplier ie, Clare Tile & Marble will extend your swimming pool life time, approx 10-15  before the tiling speciaction will look dated & ready for refurburishment.

This solely depends on the Clients preferred tile choice, do want a swimming pool style or more a hotel relaxation comtempory feel to your surroundings

There so many different types of Marble it is client preferred choice ie Carrara Marble has many differct grades depending on which grade will determine the price of your project.

Yes Marble is a good choice depending on installation & maintance

This really comes down to the clients choice, but the major advantage with Marble as opposed to tiles, marble can be restored as good new  many years down the line and tiles will have to be replaced.

Marble Tiles are natural product compared to poreclain, ceramic are man made.

The reason Marble is so expensive is down to few reasons, the product itself is natural stone, its requires a specialist applicators to ensure a correct installation and also a maintanance procedure.

Marble has various different thicknesses from 10mm upwards depending on your project required.

Yes Marble is good once it has been correctly installed & maintained.



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